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Huge Selection of Chevrolet Sparks in Stock

In order to keep up with demand for Chevrolet Spark, we have just taken delivery of 35 Chevrolet Spark, pre-registered on 63 plates, with only delivery mileage on the clock. Available in various colours and trim levels, and a  ridiculously low starting price of just £5990...that's a saving of over £2700 on the recommended list price. These really are going to sell like the proverbial hot cakes. Why not contact us today and arrange a test drive.

Since our launch as a Chevrolet Dealer earlier in the year, the Spark has proved to be one of our most popular cars. Motor Depot Chevrolet have sold more Sparks than any other Chevrolet dealer in the UK - no mean feat when you consider we haven't been a dealer that long!

The Chevrolet Spark's popularity is in no small way down to its build quality and generous trim levels, even on the base models. With fuel efficient engines, low road tax and low insurance grouping, owning and running a 63 plate car simply doesn't get more cost effective than one of Motor Depots Chevrolet Sparks.

These cars are in stock and are available immediately. We have the full range of colours available both metallic and solid. Available in the LS, LT or LTZ trim levels.

For More information on the Chevrolet Spark click here

To arrange a test drive, call our sales team now on 01482 977847

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