Ford’s EV Investment To Secure 500 Jobs


The motor industry in the UK has received a major boost after Ford announced that it is investing £230m in its Merseyside plant to build electric car parts.

Are We Ready For Pay Per Mile Road Tax?


The British public is ready to embrace a road tax revolution according to a leading UK think-tank which is looking at solutions to raising revenues from drivers.

Car Insurance Costs On The Rise


The return to working in the office has been blamed for a rare increase in the cost of insuring our cars according to new data.

Could This Wet Weather Invention Save Thousands Of Lives?


Slippery road surfaces during wet weather could be a thing of the past if an innovative new invention gets adopted by the motoring industry.

Is Taking A Wrong Turn Bigger Crime Than Shoplifting?


As Transport for London aims to increase the penalty charge notice fine to £160, motoring campaigners are calling the rises ‘unacceptable’ and without justification.

Fury As Supermarket Starts Charging For Air


Disgruntled visitors to one of the leading supermarket chain’s petrol stations have taken to social media to vent their anger at new charges.

Why Are Classic Cars Failing Their MOT?


One in five classic cars are failing their MOT test according to new research, and while it might be expected that older cars would have a higher fail rate, the confusing part of the research is that none of the cars which failed needed to take a test in the first place.

BMW To Cap EV Range At 375 Miles


German luxury brand BMW have announced that they won’t be seeking to further advance their battery technology beyond 375 miles, explaining that the advantages of stopping your vehicle every 300 miles are higher than carrying a huge battery.

Affordable SUV Claims Top Used Car Prize


There are hundreds of used cars, models and trims available for the discerning car buyer to choose from these days, but the motoring experts at What Car? have recognised that one stands out above all the rest.

Does Your Car Have Facial Recognition?


Hyundai’s premium car brand spin-off, Genesis, has promised to take their autotech to the next level with the introduction of facial recognition on its all-new crossover, the GV60.