Green Campaigners Target Volkswagen


A landmark court case in Germany has seen one of the world’s leading environmental groups go head-to-head with one of the planet's biggest car brands, accusing them of breaking climate laws and endangering the planet.

How SUV To EV Could Save The Planet


Motorists across the world are being encouraged to make the green switch to zero emission electric vehicles, but there remains a stubborn sector of car owners who will refuse to give up their big dirty SUVs.

EVs Rarely Run Out Of Power Says AA


Worries about an electric vehicle running out of battery power and leaving drivers stranded are unfounded, says one of the UK motoring breakdown firms.

Mercedes Develops Car That Can Read Your Mind


A car driven by mind-control may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but Mercedes-Benz have developed technology which can do just that.

Has Ford Killed Off Road Rage?


Ford Motor Group have introduced a ‘Mindfulness Car Concept’ which could lead to the ultimate stress-free driving experience.

Fancy A Floating Jaguar E-Type?


Vehicles that you can drive off land have been a perennial want of those who dream of taking to the seas without leaving the comfort of their luxury car, and now an eccentric Italian designer might just be making those dreams come true.

EV Boom Could Lead To Gridlock Says Report


The future of electric vehicles may look bright and may look green, but experts are warning that increased access to cleaner cars could lead to traffic jams that cost the economy £120billion a year.

Record Breaking Mach-E Hits The Beach


Ford’s impressive new Mustang Mach-E is kicking sand in the face of range anxiety by demonstrating that it can reach the beach from any European capital on one single charge.

Many Drivers Unaware Of Petrol Changes


A quarter of motorists across the UK are ignorant to a major change in how we fuel our vehicles which has been introduced, which could put millions of vehicles at risk of engine damage.

BMW Sets New Climate Change Standards


One of the world’s biggest motor manufacturers has taken a further commitment to reduce CO2 by 2030 with the introduction of recycled materials in their vehicles.