Relay Attacks Now Most Popular Method Of Car Theft


Motorists are being targeted by ever more sophisticated methods of car theft, with more than half now stolen using electronic means, rather than brute force.

Rolls-Royce Reports Record Sales


Premium cars have enjoyed a fantastic year of sales showing that dispite global issues across the UK motor industry, the luxury market has remained strong.

Want To Pass Your Driving Test? Go To Scotland


Driving lessons and tests are in short supply following the last 18 months of lockdown uncertainty, and that added pressure for young drivers behind the wheel will probably make it even harder to pass your test, but new data has revealed which areas of the UK are easiest and hardest to get a pass.

EV Drivers Won’t Turn Back


The magical futuristic allure of driving an electric vehicle appears to be captivating a growing band of British motorists, and new analysis published this week reveals that nine out of ten owners would never go back to petrol or diesel.

Fiesta Dominates Top Ten List


The Ford Fiesta lost its almost perennial title of Britain’s most popular car in 2021, but for those who are on the wrong side of the law, the hot hatchback is still top of the list.

Nearly-New Car Boom To Continue In 2022


While the new car market flounders with supply chain issues and sky-high prices, the used car market in the UK has bloomed, with consumer confidence in nearly-new motors at an all-time high.

MG Surprise Winner At Electric Car Event


Some of the world’s biggest electric car pioneers have been swept aside by an apparent minnow as the all new MG ZS EV has claimed a major EV award.

Drivers Of Which Car Know Highway Code The Best?


We all have a good idea about car owners of a certain brand not knowing where the indicator is, but until now we have never had solid evidence.

Ford Fall From Grace


For the first time in 50 years a Ford motor is not the UK’s best selling car, with the US giant not even registering a model in the top five.

Not Enough EV Chargers Says London Firm


The UK’s capital has the highest ratio of public electric vehicle chargers, but even that is not enough for one of the most regular users of the network.