Do You Drive A Zombie Car?


If you drive a car which is discontinued from sale by the manufacturer then you own what is known as a ‘zombie car’ and the good news is that they are as popular as ever.

Worrying Trend As Cameras Replace Cops In Enforcement


While there were a record number of speeding tickets in England and Wales last year, official figures published this week reveal that roadside breath tests are at their lowest figure since 2002.

Should Learning To Drive Be Made More Difficult?


With the UK government currently considering making changes to the process of learning to drive, a new survey has found out what measures some would be happy to introduce.

Driverless Car Trials Begin In UK


Roads across the United Kingdom are being used as a live test track from this week, as a government backed project sees ‘driverless’ vehicles used for the first time.

Tesla Recognised As Global Brand


An influential list of the world’s biggest brands has finally recognised Tesla as a leading name after ignoring the innovative American car manufacturer for the last two years.

What Is The UK’s Most Reliable Used Car?


The top fifty used cars in Britain have been revealed with Japanese motors dominating the market.

Pay Attention: Your Car Is Watching You


Technology which has been developed to see how distracted a driver is could be the latest weapon in the ongoing battle to make driving safer thanks to Volvo.

Is Tesla World’s Most Popular EV?


American car brand Tesla may be leading the way in providing innovative electric vehicle solutions across the UK, but are they the most popular EV marque on the planet?

Budget Car Brand Promises Most Affordable EV In Europe


As the cost of purchasing remains one of the number one barriers to buying an electric vehicle, one of the market’s most economical brands is promising an electric revolution.

Commuters Ditch Public Transport


More people are driving to work than ever before according to research by one of the UK’s biggest parking providers.