1.5m UK Households Are Ready For EV Switch Says Survey

Wed 10th Jul 2019

The readiness for UK households to switch to electric cars could be higher than thought after a major survey revealed that 1.5million homes are in a great place to go electric.

What Car? research has found that the UK has a large number of homes which have the perfect combination of factors to move to EV, which include being a multi-car home, having off-street parking and at least one vehicle that will never travel more than 100 miles in a single journey.

Jim Holder, editorial director at What Car? said, “Most drivers are aware of the drive towards electrification, but are uncertain whether the current cars and infrastructure can meet their needs: the evidence here shows that a significant proportion of households could make the switch without any compromise, and start enjoying the benefits of EVs, including travelling with zero emissions in near-silence, enjoying significant cost-savings through the year, and the potential for being free from congestion or clean air zone charges.”

According to the research, 17 per cent of multi-car households have at least one vehicle that never travels for more than 100 miles, whilst 88 per cent have a driveway suitable for home charging.

The research from What Car? also showed that their predictions for the future are already being played out, with two thirds of those multi-car households already using an EV as their main car for travel.

Though electric cars in the UK still make up less than 1 per cent of the total market, sales are up 60% year-on-year.