Now is the time to part exchange says CAP

Mon 8th Jul 2013

There has never been a better time to part-exchange a vehicle in the UK!

That is the unequivocal message sent out by car information experts CAP following a recent piece of research which asked more than 100 independent dealers to describe their current stock levels.

The feedback highlighted a chronic shortage of retail-quality stock, putting would-be part-exchangers in a stronger position than ever before with independent dealers clamouring to get their hands on good condition vehicles.

Mike Hind, of CAP, said: "Motorists who assume they will automatically do better by selling their car privately are behind the times.

"For independent used car specialists doing their best to keep up with demand, a good part-exchange is like gold dust in today's market."

"If they know they can generate another profitable future sale from your part-exchange, you can expect to be pleasantly surprised by how favourably a good independent used car specialist stacks the deal."

It's all a far cry from a few years ago when an over-saturated used car market drove part-exchange values down and left motorists routinely disappointed at the prices they were offered by dealers.

Another knock-on effect of the vehicle shortage is that CAP has found that many dealerships were now "reluctantly" buying cars they would usually overlook rather than risk leaving insufficient choice on the forecourt.

So, according to Hind, the message couldn't be clearer: "This is the time for motorists to take advantage of the situation!"