Motordepot secure huge nearly new car deal

Wed 3rd Jul 2013

Motordepot customers can look forward to "spectacular savings" on a wide array of 'nearly new' vehicles this autumn, including BMWs, VWs Fords and Peugeots.

That is the message from managing director, Steve Butterley, after the company agreed a series of major bulk-purchase orders on ex-rental stock with some of Britain's leading fleet companies.

"We feel strongly that 'nearly new' vehicles represent the best value in the marketplace because there is no downside," says Butterley.

"Not only does a buyer get to own a reliable, new model with the bulk of the manufacturers three-year warranty intact, but they can rest in the knowledge that they haven't taken the major 'depreciation hit' associated with driving a brand new car off the forecourt.

Butterley also believes that, when it comes to 'nearly new' cars, ex-rental vehicles represent a prudent purchase.

He says: "The beauty with ex-lease vehicles are that they are perfectly maintained. They all get serviced regularly by main dealer garages and are completely smoke-free. Yes, the mileage can be slightly above average, but it's important to remember that they mainly accumulate 'motorway miles' which reduces wear-and-tear on the engine, breaks and suspension.

With the first consignment of 'nearly new' vehicles arriving this week, Motordepot is preparing for a hectic autumn which is unusual within the industry, as Butterley explains.

"Put simply, the company ethos of Motordepot is to be 'different' to the big PLC's, and having a much more flexible ownership model helps in that regard.

"It's no secret that most of the big PLC's prefer to reduce stock at this time of year fuelled by a desire to make profitability look better on year-end accounts. In contrast we remain very pro-active in the marketplace and can take advantage of the rental companies' traditional policy of aggressive 'de-fleeting' in the autumn after the September plate-change.

"In tandem with a buoyant finance market, it all means that we are in position to offer some of the best deals we've ever offered at Motordepot this autumn and we couldn't be more excited."