Bank Holiday Motoring

Wed 12th Feb 2014

As we prepare for a weekend of Bank Holiday mayhem on Britain's motorway network, the Highways Agency have revealed the most bizarre explanations as to why drivers have pulled over illegally - and dangerously - on the 'hard shoulder'.

Topping the list is the driver who "panicked" when he saw the word 'Fire' appear on his dashboard. He later discovered it was the name of the Adele track 'Set Fire To The Rain' being displayed on his CD player!

Another driver claimed he suddenly realised his insurance had ran out, so he stopped to ring for the best quote!

Stopping to pick flowers, take photos, or simply have a sleep were other excuses put forward, while one driver was spotted stopping ever few hundred yards on the M1 in search of a better mobile phone signal.

There was also the bizarre case of traffic officers stopping to investigate two motorists who had stopped on the hard shoulder, only to discover they were in the middle of a transaction to sell one of the cars!

In all, official data shows that between July and September last year, 2,062 drivers stopped on the hard shoulder when there was no emergency.

The Highways Agency has again reminded drivers it is illegal to stop on the hard shoulder except in emergencies, when people should wait for help behind crash barriers.