Motordepot to support Life for a Kid Charity

Thu 9th Jul 2015

We are pleased to announce that Motordepot will be supporting Life For a Kid over the next 12 months and hopefully beyond. Life For a Kid are a Hull based charity that helps support children and their families nationwide when they suffer life limiting or life threatening illnesses.

It started just 6 years ago in Hull raising funds via rugby matches and boxing events. Since then the charity has grown considerably from donating £10,000 to families in its first year, to last year when it was able to donate over £150,000. Demand for support from families has increased but unfortunately the charitable donations haven't quite kept up with this. With our support we hope to increase awareness of this great charity and help them raise more funds along the way. 

Motordepot initially became involved when we were approached by Dean Hoggard to sponsor a rugby match for a little boy called Joel Wilkinson. In 2014 just before his 3rd birthday Joel was diagnosed with Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy.

Life for a Kid support Joel and his family by providing them the platforms to raise substantial amounts of money that will all go towards helping provide Joel and his family the support they will need as they manage Joel's condition as he gets older. We would like to help them extend this support to more families.

There are various ways we can support Life for a Kid as a company, but we also hope to encourage members of staff to take part in charity events and challenges to raise additional funds.

We hope to support LFaK with in various ways such as:

·         Selling wrist bands in showrooms

·         Displaying some information on the families they are supporting and how people can get involved or donate.

·         Providing a leaflet about the charity to customers and staff. The leaflet will have information about the charity and has the option for people to sign up and donate £2 a month via standing order.

·         Sponsoring events.

·         Providing prizes for raffles

·         Organising events and challenges to raise sponsorship and funds, ideas such as;-

o   Sponsored abseilo   Sponsored Zip wire

o   Sponsored 3 peaks challenge

o   Sporting memorabilia auctions & raffles

We also welcome suggestions from customers and staff on other ways we can support LFaK.

For more information about Life for a Kid please take a few minutes to have a look at their website.