UK Electric Vehicle Sales Rise By 11% In Last 12 Months

Fri 20th Apr 2018

The UK’s drive towards an all-electric vehicle future has received a boost with the news that sales of electric cars have risen by 11% in the last year.

The market share of electric vehicles in Britain has risen from 1.5% to 2% in the past year, though the UK still has some way to go to catch the likes of China and Norway who are leading the way.

An amazing 48% of new vehicle registrations in Norway were electric in the first three months of 2018, up from 35% in 2017. Norway is a world leader in electric vehicles, in part due to their impressive hydropower resources. China is also showing a real commitment, with 142,445 electric vehicles sold in the first quarter of 2018, though that is still only 2% of the market.

Stefan Bratzel, of the Centre of Automotive Management (CAM), which compiled the research said: “China and Norway are exceptional in e-mobility. The lead market remains China, where substantial industrial policy motives are driving battery-electric vehicle technology forward.

“In Norway, where now almost half of new vehicle registrations are e-vehicles, it becomes clear how quickly a change in drive technologies can take place. Generally, e-mobility is also gaining momentum.”

In the UK there were 14,084 e-vehicle sales, and 71% of those were plug-in hybrids. Though the sale of electric motors is expected to rise moderately over the next few years, it is expected that the future could be much brighter with a predicted 40% share by 2030.

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