How Ford Has Created Windows That Allow Blind Passengers To ‘Feel The View’

Tue 1st May 2018

Ford Motor Group has launched a smart piece of technology which could allow passengers with visual impairments to enjoy the view of the scenery around them.

The ‘Feel The View’ tech has been developed by Ford alongside Aedo, a start-up which has a tradition of pushing the boundaries of what is possible for blind and partially sighted people. The challenge for Aedo was to create an experience for passengers, where they could experience the scenery without the requirement for full vision.

What Aedo have created is a smart window which can translate the view into something that passengers can feel through vibrations.

The technology takes photographs of the scenery which the car is driving through and then converts them into high-contrast monochrome images which are then reproduced onto the glass using high-tech LEDs. The different shades of grey within the monochrome are then converted into 255 different levels of vibration which the passenger can then appreciate by feeling on the window and visualise the scenery through their fingertips.

Ford’s own on-board AI will add to the experience by giving a voice assistant commentary of the scenery, if requested by the passenger. The technology is seamlessly converted into the design of the vehicle, with passengers able to ‘Feel The View’ by pressing a button to capture the scene.

“We seek to make people’s lives better and this was a fantastic opportunity to help blind passengers experience a great aspect of driving, said Marco Alù Saffi of Ford of Italy. “The technology is advanced, but the concept is simple – and could turn mundane journeys into truly memorable ones."

Though the ‘Feel The View’ technology is only at the prototype stage, it is yet another advancement in driving tech for all passengers of Ford vehicles.

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