Black Is The Colour Of Choice For UK Car Buying Public

Mon 7th May 2018

When Henry Ford made his famous ‘you can have any colour so long as it is black’ comment, little did he know that more than 100 years later it would be still ringing true.

Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) reveals that black cars are still dominating the UK market when it comes to being the most popular car colours, with more more than half a million registrations. Though some may suggest that black is one of the hardest colours to keep clean and often shows scratches and blemishes clearer, it is still the ‘Coco Chanel’ when it comes to car colours. Simple and stylish.

Whilst black has 515,970 registrations, the data from the DVLA reveals that there may be more than 50 shades of grey and with 500,000 registrations, many of them can be seen on the UK’s car network. It’s perhaps unsurprising as many of the German motors, such as BMW and Mercedes Benz, are almost grey as standard. It’s a neutral and well loved colour which should not really affect prices when selling or buying the vehicle.

SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes said: “Picking a colour is one of the many exciting decisions to make when specifying a new car, as well as selecting from the cutting-edge safety and comfort tech available on the latest low emission vehicles. Manufacturers are continually investing to bring more choice to car buyers, including more colours and colour combinations than ever before.”

Black was the most popular colour in the last year, the first time in five years it has taken top spot for colours, knocking white off the No.1 spot. Black, silver and white cars dominate the UK market, with 60% of new cars registered one of those three colours, a primary colour has not entered top three for seven years.

Bronze is making a comeback according to the research, reentering the top ten for the first time since 2011, whilst perhaps unsurprisingly, brown has dropped out of the top ten.

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