What Is The Most Popular Car On Instagram?

Fri 1st Jun 2018

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels around. We use it for sharing pictures of our favourite meals, images of our loved ones and photos of our holidays. It’s used to share images of the things we love, and that includes our cars.

Whilst the biggest brands often have the most followers on Instagram, and that may be seen as a sign of popularity, it can also be a reflection of which brands have the biggest marketing budget, or the hardest working Social Media Manager. But which cars are truly popular, which are the brands that are being hashtagged when owners post pictures of their pride and joy?

Vehicle supplier OSV has done some serious research into the issue and found which are the most popular car brands on Instagram.

Here’s the top five brands, and their most popular models on Instagram.

1. BMW - No. Of # 27,927,683.
The German brand has a huge following across the internet and its not surprising that the owners club is keen to show-off their Beemer when they have got it all polished up and sparkling new. The most popular car for BMW on Instagram is the BMW 5.

2. Honda - No. Of # 21,834,505
Perhaps a surprise at number two on the list. The Japanese manufacturer certainly has some innovative marketing methods and perhaps that is what is at play here, as the popularity on Instagram is perhaps not reflected in sales. The Civic, a model very popular with Instagram’s target demographic is the number one car.

3. Ford - No. Of # 16,436,294
It’s hardly a surprise to see the world’s number one car brand in the top three. The question is, how many of the images of Fords are in black. The Ford Mustang is a true cultural icon in America and that probably accounts for the fact that 1.3m hashtags are related to that model.

4. Audi - No. Of # 13,276,453
Audi have long chased their German rivals BMW, and they are left in the wake of their countrymen once again. The Audi social media team have some serious work on their hands if they are to lift the brand any higher. Their most popular car is the Audi Q7.

5. Ferrari - No. Of # 13,178,895
Whilst Ferrari would probably lay claim to being the fastest amongst the luxury cars to appear in this list, they are possibly hindered by the fact that there are fewer owners of this supercar brand. Nonetheless, they are backed by a solid F1 presence on social and also the fact that fans just love posting pics of the famous red Italian, whether they own the car or not!

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