The Secret Life Of The Business Driver

Thu 14th Jun 2018

A new study into the driving habits of business drivers has found that they spend on average three years of their life on the road.

The nation’s company car drivers are likely to spend more than two and a half hours per day in their car, which equates to 13 hours a week, 26 days a year.

The poll by Skoda found that business drivers will also clock up an impressive 235 miles a week, or nearly half a million miles over the course of their career.

Henry Williams, Head of Fleet for Škoda UK, said: “Every year we conduct research into the wants, needs, and habits of our company car drivers; the results of which influence the specialist business car range we offer.

"We know consumer requirements are evolving all the time so our research ensures our cars are always relevant for the driver.

“The car is more than just a vehicle. For many it’s a mobile office, so technology such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, WiFi-hotspot and an infotainment system that keeps you up to date with the latest news channels, weather and fuel prices are as much a necessity as a nice to have.”

The survey also revealed some interesting habits of those drivers, over the course of each week, as many as five business deals will be completed, six sandwiches eaten and six work-related texts send whilst on a break.

The average company car driver will...

Make a hands-free call to the boss/office: 7.4 times a week/355 times a year

Lose your temper: 6.4 times a week/307 times a year

Swear at another driver: 7.1 times a week/304 times a year

Make a call to your partner: 7.3 times a week/350 times a year

Clinch a deal: 5.4 times a week/259 times a year

Drink a coffee: 6.8 times a week/326 times a year

Drink a tea: 6.0 times a week/288 times a year

Eat a sweet: 7.4 times a week/355 times a year

Eat a sandwich: 5.8 times a week/278 times a year

Eat a packet of crisps: 5.8 times a week/278 times a year

Sing at the top of your voice: 7.8 times a week/374 times a year

End up getting lost: 5.4 times a week/259 times a year

Rely on Sat Nav: 8.1 times a week/388 times a year

Have to pull over to send a text or email: 6.5 times a week/312 times a year

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