Hyundai and Audi Aim For Hydrogen Tech Partnership

Thu 21st Jun 2018

South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has partnered with Audi on a deal which will see increased development on hydrogen car technology.

The pair will collaborate on the future fuel option in the hope of revitalising an option which has fallen behind battery power as the option for greener engine power.

Hyundai will share intellectual property and components with VW owned Audi in the hope of rivalling EV giants Tesla and offering a cheaper alternative to market. Audi is responsible for the hydrogen technology development in the Volkswagen Group, and the deal will allow Hyundai to look at any new parts developed in relation to hydrogen.

Hyundai sold only 200 hydrogen cars in 2017, but their rivals Toyota have already seen their Mirai cars hit the UK roads after striking a deal with the Metropolitan Police to provide the greener cars.

The negatives currently outweigh the positives in the UK market, though hydrogen takes less time to refuel than battery electric, they are more expensive to run and also suffer from a lack of refuelling stations.

Toyota leads development of hydrogen, but Sae Hoon Kim, head of Hyundai’s R&D fuel cell group believes that competition can help drive prices down. Speaking to Reuters, Hoon Kim said: "We want to provide to our component suppliers more chance and we want to have competition between component suppliers.

“We also want to make them to have competition with other suppliers, and that competition will bring down the cost."