Hybrid’s To Avoid 2040 Ban

Mon 9th Jul 2018

Hybrid owners and manufacturers received a small boost this week as the Government's Transport Czar revealed that they will not be banned by the same legislation which will kill off petrol and diesel cars.

The UK Government has promised to ban traditional petrol and diesel cars by 2040, but in a statement which is sure to please the motoring industry, hybrids will be exempt.

The Road to Zero strategy is aimed at reducing emissions to zero in 22 years time, with a push on car pollution, and the Department for Transport confirmed additional legislation which is expected to require 50% of new cars to ultra-low emission by 2030.

It’s a step-by-step approach which has confused and angered some environmental campaigners, but speaking to The Guardian, Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling said: “I want it to be easier for electric vehicle drivers to recharge than for motorists to visit a filling station. I want them to choose electric cars because they are so convenient.”

This softly softly approach has been criticised by some as a watering down of an already lightweight target, but Grayling has refuted the claims.

“I don’t think it’s watered down at all … We want to get rid of classic petrol and diesel engines. It’s about supporting the industry to deliver it and encouraging changes to consumer behaviour. I expect by 2040 every vehicle to have substantial zero-emission capability and most to be 100% zero-emission.”

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