BMWs Worth £11m Scrapped Following Sand Damage

Mon 16th Jul 2018

A huge haul of BMWs destined for the UK have had to be destroyed after unexpected weather blew sand from a nearby construction site onto the stock whilst they were waiting to be transported to Britain.

Up to 450 BMWs were damaged beyond repair in the accident as the cars were parked in the northern German port town of Cuxhaven. The average cost of the German firm’s most popular vehicle, the BMW 3 series is £25,000, which puts the estimated cost to the company at a eye-watering £11m.

A BMW spokesman said: "A number of BMW vehicle orders were affected due to a major storm in Cuxhaven, one of the key ports through which many UK-bound vehicles travel.

"The severe weather resulted in construction materials located at the Port contaminating a number of vehicles while in transit.

"Roughly 4,000 cars were at the Port so needed to be checked. Of those, there are about 450 where we deemed it necessary to either build a new car for the customer or offer them an alternative vehicle that we already had in stock.

"As a precaution we thoroughly checked and cleaned every vehicle, many of which were completely unaffected.

"In the case of these more severely affected cases, these customer orders were replaced with entirely new cars.

"This has meant a delay for a number of customers in receiving their vehicles but ensured they are receiving a vehicle in perfect condition.

"Generally speaking, as with all BMW vehicles, customers can have confidence in a full 3-year factory warranty.

"This work was carried out and overseen by technical experts from BMW AG in Germany and meets all our exacting internal quality audit standards."

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