Porsche Goes For Gorilla Glass Technology

Mon 13th Aug 2018

German supercar manufacturer Porsche has revealed that it will be the first car brand to implement ‘Gorilla Glass’ in its vehicles.

The glass technology, which has been made famous for making smartphones durable, is made with a thin pane of glass, which has been chemically treated to iron out any imperfections which then give the glass added strength, flexibility and resistance to scratches and chips.

Porsche have previously experimented with the glass technology on the 918 Spyder Weissach, but for the new 911 GT3 RS, the ‘Gorilla Glass’ will feature on both the side and rear side windows.

“For the first time in the 918 Spyder with the Weissach package, we used a small window of a similar material: a laminated glass pane made up of two thin glass sheets with a film between them,” said Markus Schulzki in Porsche’s Structure Predevelopment department.

Though Gorilla Glass does have some issues in that it’s too flexible for any windows that require movement, it does have other benefits including better protection from UV rays, less optical distortion and according to Schulzki, better acoustics. He said: “High frequencies generated by the headwind are filtered out. Low frequencies aren’t. The spectacular sound—for instance, that of a flat-six engine—is perceived that much more clearly,”

Whilst the glass is only currently being used in its conventional format with the 911 GT3 RS, it’s likely that the development team, will look to put the ‘Gorilla Glass’ to use elsewhere within the car technology.

Mathias Fröschle is excited about the options: “A center console whose sweeping surface is entirely made of thin-sheet glass. Thanks to the film, you can create displays and control elements as precisely as the driver and passenger need them. Gesture control is used to activate the menu, and confirmation that a command has been executed is received via haptic feedback through contacts in the glass.”