Could Your Next Chinese Takeaway Be A Car?

Wed 15th Aug 2018

Industry exports are predicting that China will be ready to export its most popular cars to Europe by 2020, a move which could change the face of the UK’s roads and showrooms.

The Chinese market is currently booming, both in terms of sales and production - one in every four cars being assembled globally being made in China. And with 28.8 million cars sold in the Communist country in 2017, it could be that we are soon seeing Chinese brand names appearing on UK soil, with Europe’s biggest manufacturers readying themselves for the expected invasion.

“The market is growing too fast for it to happen now, but in the future I can see it,”  said Jaguar Land Rover’s Technical Director, Dr Wolfgang Zeibart in the Auto Express.

“Production costs are lower and so are the components, and the quality is very good.”

Whilst the names of some of the top ten best selling cars in China will be unfamiliar to the British car buying public, with names such as the Wuling Hong Guang and Haval H6, there are still some recognisable brands such as Volkswagen, Nissan and Toyota proving popular.

The German manufacturer Volkswagen has two cars in the top ten, both specifically made for the Chinese market, with the Lavida and the Sagitar. Speaking to Auto Express, VW’s Sales and Marketing leader said: “You will see cars from us in the next two years that will only be sold in China, but people elsewhere will also want them.

“The market size allows us to come up with larger sub-segmentation compared to regions like Europe, and we are looking at bringing cars from China into Europe.”

10 best-selling cars in China in 2017

1. Wuling Hong Guang - 533,950

2. Haval H6 - 506,418

3. Volkswagen Lavida - 457,959

4. Buick Excelle - 416,990

5. Nissan Sylphy - 405,854

6. Geely Boyue (X7 Sport) – 386,885

7. Baojun 510 - 363,949

8. Trumpchi GS4 - 335,467

9. Toyota Corolla - 333,485

10. Volkswagen Sagitar - 332,733

Source: China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM)