Survey Reveals Britain’s Nerviest Driving Moments

Wed 22nd Aug 2018

The UK’s driving public has a fear of driving on motorways and gets stressed by high-speed roads according to a new survey on Britain’s driving anxieties.

The survey, which has been conducted by Nissan, found that 23 per cent of drivers are uncomfortable on multi-lane highways. Of the 2,000 drivers polled, 55 per cent said they were nervous when hemmed in between cars and lorries on motorways. Lorries seem to make many drivers jittery, with 43 per cent of drivers admitting a dislike of overtaking lorries or any other big vehicles.

The Japanese car manufacturer has undertaken the survey in order to showcase Nissan’s ProPILOT technology, an advanced driver assistance which helps steering, acceleration and braking.

Alex Smith, managing director, Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, said: "As we head towards a busy weekend for the UK’s motorway network, it’s concerning that many motorists feel they lack confidence in the everyday aspects of multi-lane driving.

"Modern vehicle technologies, such as those developed under Nissan Intelligent Mobility, can play a key role in supporting a positive driver experience.

"It’s encouraging that a large proportion of drivers recognise the impact these can have on their confidence at the wheel."

Parking remains the UK’s biggest fear when it comes to driving, with 27 per cent of drivers admitting that it is a skill they lack confidence in.

But as the UK prepares for a busy weekend of driving on the Bank Holiday, it is motorway driving which is dominating the conscious of many drivers. Almost half of drivers admit to have taken a smaller road to avoid larger, busier routes, while one in 20 confess that they are so nervous behind the wheel that they have taken a detour, sometimes up to 26 miles.