Do You Know What Your Dashboard Lights Actually Mean?

Thu 23rd Aug 2018

British drivers are not understanding some of the most basic and common problems on their car dashboard, and it could have dangerous consequences.

A survey by car history checking website HPI, found that 59 per cent of people questioned did not know common warning lights. Some of the most common problems, such as issues with braking and diesel particulate filter issues were not understood by nine out of ten drivers which were surveyed.

More worryingly, 30% of people believed that the airbag warning light actually meant ‘airbag on’, 19% of drivers actually thought it meant ‘seat belt not on’.

Fernando Garcia, consumer marketing director at HPI revealed that some drivers were simply ignoring the warning lights, which could put themselves and other drivers on the road in danger.

He said: 'What stood out to us the most, was the shocking 96 per cent who were unable to recognise an issue with the brake system from the common warning light symbol.

'It was also interesting to see the generational split among drivers, with millennials leaving issues until the last minute.

'From a financial point of view, whilst car repairs can be costly, it's also important to remember that safety is paramount on the roads, and we would recommend that all drivers brush up on their dashboard knowledge where needed.'

The Most Common Problems Misunderstood
Issue with braking system – 96% answered incorrectly
Diesel particulate filter issue – 95% answered incorrectly
Coolant issue – 93% answered incorrectly
Tyre pressure issue – 64% answered incorrectly
Airbag warning light – 59% answered incorrectly
Anti-lock braking system issue – 56% answered incorrectly
Engine warning light – 30% answered incorrectly
Oil warning light – 19% answered incorrectly
Battery warning light – 15% answered incorrectly