Mercedes-Benz App Will Help Locate Safe Parking Spots

Thu 27th Sep 2018

An in-car app developed by German motor manufacturer Mercedes-Benz will help drivers select a safe parking spot based on the local crime rates.

The ‘safe parking’ app will form part of Mercedes’ MBUX multimedia infotainment system and was remarkably developed in less than 48 hours following a hackathon program hosted in the German brand’s Seattle tech centre. The app takes local data, which is available on open source, to identify parking areas with the lowest levels of vehicle break-ins and vandalism.

"Imagine you want to go to a restaurant where you haven't been before, and you don't know where to park or how safe the area is," said one Mercedes tech engineer. "Our application helps find you a parking spot right next to where you want to go, and it suggests which one is the safest for you to park your car.

"We took open data from the city of Seattle, and we paired it with data on parking locations. So a green spot (on the app) indicates an area is very safe, and we suggest you park there. Yellow suggests it is still okay, but maybe consider going to a green space. And red says you don't want to go there.

"Once you have selected your spot, your navigation will take you there. The city of Seattle provides crime statistics, and when you select a spot, we can analyse how much crime has happened in that area over the past week."

The technology was previewed at the recent launch of the A-Class Sedan and was based on figures in the US city of Seattle.