How Your Car Tyres Can Get Worse, Even Without Using Them!

Wed 3rd Oct 2018

As part of October Tyre Safety month, drivers are being warned to check their tyres, even if the car they are on hasn’t left the garage for some time.

Motor insurance experts, ClassicLine Insurance, have revealed that even those cars that are rarely used will show some damage to their tyres due to many different factors.

For example, cars which are parked outside can see their tyres damaged by the weather conditions, such as the sun or rain, the elements serving to break down the tyre rubber and cause cracks to form.

Those cars which are thought to be safe inside a garage can encounter problems, with heat and air moisture contributing to a slow rotting process of the tyres.

Under inflation is one of the biggest damage factors to all tyres, whether they are used a lot, or not at all. Soft tyres can distort their shape and crack over time, so it is always a good idea to check your vehicles tyres, even when you are not planning to drive it for a long period of time.

With damaged and under-inflated tyres causing 384 accidents last year, ClassicLine Insurance’s Ian Fray has warned of the many dangers of a poorly maintained tyre: The figures from the Department for Transport show that poor tyre maintenance is having a devastating impact on the UK’s roads.

“It’s important to remember that just because a tyre is not being used, doesn’t necessarily mean the tyre’s condition hasn’t deteriorated.

“Even if the vehicle hasn’t moved, it is still essential to give each tyre a thorough inspection to check its condition, whether it is a classic car or more modern vehicle.

“The cost of poor tyre maintenance can be high, both financially and personally.

"Some motorists might not know that tyres can degrade when not being used, so regular tyre checks are essential no matter if the vehicle is regularly driven or is in storage to be enjoyed in the future.”