More Than Half Of UK Drivers Don’t Recognise The Roundabout Sign

Mon 15th Oct 2018

Britain’s drivers have a dangerously flagrant ignorance of the rules of the road according to a new survey conducted by a road safety charity.

IAM RoadSmart surveyed more than 1,000 motorists to test their knowledge of the Highway Code and their findings were shocking. More than 50% admitted they didn’t recognise the roundabout sign, while two thirds of drivers demonstrated no knowledge of the two-second rule.

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart director of policy and research, said: “This is truly shocking. The outcome of the survey brings to light some frightening statistics which demonstrates the need to constantly refresh on-road knowledge.

“With many young drivers showing high levels of traffic sign ignorance these results reinforce IAM RoadSmart’s view that road safety education should be taught as part of the National Curriculum in schools to prepare teenagers for their future driving career.

“Many drivers don’t look at the Highway Code regularly after they’ve passed their test, but no-one’s memory is perfect and it’s crucial to read and understand the most recent version of the Highway Code for the safety of all road users.”

The two-second rule related to the following distance for a car driving in dry weather. Up to 68% of drivers were unaware of the rule, while 53% thought the rule applied to two car lengths, which would be a gap of less than a third of a second for an average-sized family car travelling at 60mph.