Road Safety Charity Calls For An End To Clocks Going Back

Wed 24th Oct 2018

A major UK road safety charity has asked to scrap the daylight saving system after pointing to research which says that children are 20 per cent more likely to involved in a crash over the winter months.

IAM RoadSmart has said that Department for Transport statistics reveal that of the 15,976 children injured on Britain’s roads in 2016, nearly a quarter were hurst during the key hours of 3-5pm, when most children are coming home from school, which in the winter is in the dark.

Official statistics show that from September through to December in 2016, pedestrian deaths rose significantly each month, from 20 in September, peaking at 67 in December.

The Department for Transport’s own study ‘A Safer Way: Making Britain’s Roads the Safest in the World’ said that moving to lighter evenings could prevent up to 80 deaths a year on the road.

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart director of policy and research, said: “Every year there are unnecessary young victims through the winter as children go home in the darkness from school or out-of-hours activities. This is not difficult to achieve.

“We are playing with the lives of children for no good reason. Young pedestrians under 15 are already a huge ‘at risk’ group for road safety, and that risk becomes even greater as the nights draw in.

“It would be easy to implement, and without question save lives – so there are no good road safety reasons why this isn’t happening. The UK should at least trial the idea to prove the benefits once and for all.”

IAM Roadsmart’s changes would see the UK not put clocks back this winter and then move one hour ahead next March, then go back one hour in October 2019, a change which would align the UK with most of Europe.