Britain Is A Nation Of Speeders, With Nearly Half Exceeding The National Limit

Wed 7th Nov 2018

The Department of Transport has revealed that nearly half of car drivers have gone above the national speed limit on UK roads.

The DfT found that of the 446.6m cars recorded at 74 different sites across the country, 208m of them were travelling above the speed limit.

The countries motorway network is the best place to find drivers ignoring the speed limit, 48% of the 34.3m drivers observed were speeding above 70mph, while 11% were recorded doing 80mph or more. More worryingly is the 1% of drivers motoring at 90mph or more, which equates to a total of 3.4m car drivers.

It’s not all life in the fast lane for the motorway network, the same research shows that 13.7m drivers were shown to be travelling at speeds of 50mph or less, and traffic jams were not to blame as the DfT says the speeds were recorded for free flowing traffic.

A survey conducted by insurance group Direct Line earlier this year found that Britain’s drivers knowingly travelled over the speed limit, with a third of drivers (34 per cent) saying they deliberately speed while the road is empty, 19 per cent say they drive over the limit when they are running late, while one in 20 say they enjoy the thrill of driving quickly.

Rob Miles, director of car insurance at Direct Line commented: “Speeding is one of the biggest causes of accidents and casualties on UK roads. The research suggests that it is often not deliberate, as drivers may be unaware that they may are creeping above the limit. However, speed limits are set for a reason and 20mph and 30mph zones are often around schools, hospitals and other highly pedestrianised zones, where going over the limit could prove fatal in the event of an accident.”