Insurance Black Boxes Are Saving Young Lives

Wed 14th Nov 2018

A major new report has revealed that the introduction of black boxes and telematics insurance has played a vital role in making young drivers safer behind the wheel.

Department for Transport statistics show that road casualties in the age-bracket 17-19 year olds has dropped by 35%, compared to a drop of 16% in the entire driving population.

With four out of five 17-19 year olds having black box cover, the introduction of telematics policies, is considered to be improving road safety standards.

Close to one million motorists in the UK now have a black box fitted to their car. The technology monitors drivers speed, and actions on the road, allowing insurers to better assess a driver’s capabilities and safety on the roads. The introduction of telematics has made young drivers three times more safer than the UK average, according to a leading telematics provider.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions conducted the research into the affect on road casualty statistics and they believe that their is a clear correlation between the two factors.

“Our analysis of road casualty statistics factors for key road safety advances such as improved roads, better junction design and new car safety technology - but the patent downward trend in the 17 to 19 age bracket points to an additional factor at play, the increasing availability and adoption of telematics insurance,” said LexisNexis’ director of global telematics, Graham Gordon.
“Young drivers remain the riskiest drivers on our roads but the insurance sector deserves a great deal of credit for developing an insurance product that encourages safer driving and delivers fairer pricing to young drivers based on their road behaviour.”