Gone In 60 Seconds

Mon 26th Nov 2018

An unlucky London family are cursing the very latest technology employed on their luxury SUVs after seeing two brand new Mercedes’ stolen from their drive overnight.

The two cars were stolen in less than a minute from outside the home of 57-year-old Mohammed Tuma last week, the white GLS and dark blue GLE were worth a combined £140,000 after being purchased less than six months ago. Security cameras caught the tech-savvy car thieves in the act, as a masked man used a signal boosting device outside the home of the Tuma family near Wembley, north London.

It was Tuma’s son Ali who discovered the theft after being first to rise the morning after the incident. Speaking in the Daily Mail Ali said: I got up at 7am and realised that the cars had gone so I thought that my parents were both out.

“Just to make sure I rang them and checked, but they were both in bed to my amazement. It was at that point that alarm bells started to ring.

“So I told my parents and we checked our home CCTV – which looks onto the drive – and shockingly my worst fears came true; the cars had been stolen. The relay technique was most certainly used here.

“My family is fuming. We have had the cars for less than six months. I just can not believe it, but when you see the footage they are more or less stolen in the space of a minute.

“The whole experience has been extremely shocking and upsetting. We really hope that we get our cars back.”

The incident is the latest example of a growing number of relay attacks across the UK, where car thieves are able to use the car’s own technology system to allow thieves to enter using components bought from electrical stores.

The only known safety measure to avoid the thefts is to encase the car keys for the vehicle in a Faraday case to block the signal.