Do You Know How To Change Your Car’s Antifreeze?

Wed 28th Nov 2018

A new survey has revealed that millions of UK drivers are unsure how to change their antifreeze and half of drivers haven’t carried out essential winter car maintenance.

The survey, which has been compiled by Halfords, shows that 40 per cent of drivers don’t know how to top up their antifreeze whilst one in ten motorists prefer to avoid winter driving altogether.

With the colder weather set to bite across the UK in the coming weeks and months, it is important to give your car the right protection from sub-zero temperatures and a knowledge of antifreeze is a good place to start, especially as there is not a one size fits all solution. Some vehicles require a 50:50 mix with water, while others allow the antifreeze to be poured straight into the reservoir. Each car has its own strict guidance on how to best prepare your vehicle before administering the liquid.

Halfords also points out that one in ten drivers don’t understand the dangers of pouring hot water onto your windscreen in an attempt to de-ice it - it can crack your screen.

"It’s concerning that so few people perform the relevant checks on their vehicle ahead of winter,” said Ella Colley from Halfords.

"Purchasing antifreeze, changing tyres to ensure better grip on the road and getting your brakes checked are all simple measures motorists can take if they plan to drive over the colder, darker months.

"Do check your car battery, top up on windscreen washer fluid and ensure your lights are in good working condition too.

"In fact, it's important to take the time to check your car all over to make sure it’s in the best possible condition before winter arrives."