MPs Bid To Save Motor Manufacturing From ‘Hard Brexit’

Tue 18th Dec 2018

With the UK’s motor manufacturing industry teetering on the brink of disaster, a group of 60 MPs have written a letter to the Prime Minister warning of dire consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

The letter comes from MPs representing the many constituencies linked to the manufacturing industry at a time when political uncertainty across the country has made motor industry nervous of what the future holds.

Brexit related factory shutdowns have already been promised by many of the British manufacturers, while just this week rumours circulated that Jaguar Land Rover could be set to axe 5,000 workers from their plants across the UK.

The UK’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, has been working hard to get agreement in Parliament on the latest withdrawal deal, but has also conceded this week that the cabinet are now also preparing for ‘Hard Brexit’ with the deadline of 29th March on the horizon.

Manufacturers in the UK are dependent on the smooth import of parts from across the EU, but are also enjoying success in exporting to EU markets, and trade in both directions would be hit if checks at the UK border were increased.

The letter said: "Manufacturing plants employ thousands of our constituents and their jobs will be put at immediate risk if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union with no deal.

“The renaissance of manufacturing and its supply chains in this country, bolstered by demand for exports, has markedly improved the lives of our constituents.

"The principal market for these exports has been the European Union.

"Leaving without a deal would make continued investment in UK manufacturing a real challenge for global firms, when they have plants in other European locations

"Without continued investment and confidence in the UK manufacturing sector, thousands of jobs across the country will be put at immediate risk."