Pothole Compensation Up By 300% On Major Roads

Wed 19th Dec 2018

As Britain braces itself for a winter of bad weather, Highways England has revealed that the taxpayer is still counting the cost of last year’s ‘Beast From The East’, with pothole claims on the country’s damaged motorways and A roads at record levels.

Following a Freedom of Information request, Highways England said that car owners were compensated to the tune of £329,000 between April and November 2018, the same period in 2017 cost local councils just £82,000.

The figure Highways England paid out is likely to be dwarfed by the overall compensation figures for the entire UK road network. Highways England is only responsible for two per cent of the road network, with local councils looking after the remaining 98 per cent.

Speaking in the Daily Mail this week A Highways England spokeswoman said: “Safety is our top priority and we know that good quality road surface is important to the four million drivers that use our roads each day.

“We set stringent standards for pothole repairs on our roads, and also regularly inspect our roads to help reduce the potential for potholes to form.

“Since April 2015 we have resurfaced over 3,000 miles of our network and plan to resurface over 1,000 miles this financial year.”

The Government has committed £28.2billion towards a National Roads Fund which will look at upgrading the country’s major road network, with work to take place between 2020 and 2025. The National Roads Fund will be funded solely by Vehicle and Excise Duty, the first time the money has been specially ring-fenced for use on the roads. A further £420million has been set aside to fix potholes and carry out work on local roads.