British Crowdfunding Firm Takes EV Charging Mobile

Mon 24th Dec 2018

With Britain heading towards a shortage of EV car chargers, one UK-based tech start-up believes it has developed an answer.

Anderson EV are a crowdfunded team of designers who have released a state-of-the art charging unit which allows EV drivers to charge their car at home, while monitoring the charging status via an Android or iOS app, which looks at usage, charge costs and time until it is fully charged.

Via the device’s Konnect hub, drivers can also remote unlock the unit which will also allow other family members to use the charging point.

David Simpson, Andersen’s technical director, said: “EV home charging will become commonplace as we move towards the low-carbon future of electric motoring.

“That’s why we have designed a smart, futureproof charging unit fit for the electric motorists of today and tomorrow.

“The A2 is a beautiful, customisable unit with state-of-the-art functionality which makes it one of the best looking and best performing EV home chargers on the market.

“We know that much of our daily life is now managed via our smartphones, we believe managing your EV’s charger should be no different.”

There are expected to be one million electric vehicles on the roads within the next two years, require in the region of 1000,000 EV charging points, but with only 16,5000 currently available there is a major shortfall in the EV infrastructure.