Slow Drivers Causing Spike In Road Traffic Accidents

Thu 27th Dec 2018

Accidents on the UK roads are on the increase due to slow drivers according to the latest statistics released by the Department for Transport.

Incidents were up 31 per cent on the previous year, with slow drivers causing 175 injuries and two deaths.

The AA’s president Edmund King has been critical of slow drivers and the related problems they can cause to motorists around them. Slow drivers can lead to incidents of tailgating, congestion and road rage, with hesitant drivers joining motorways adding to the issues.

“Driving like a snail can be as dangerous as driving like a cheetah,” said King.

“I was in a queue of five cars joining the M3 recently when the lead driver was driving at approximately 25mph. It was incredibly dangerous.”

Though guidelines for minimum speeds in the UK are rarely enforced, there are some locations such as tunnels and one track roads which require a minimum speed. Driving slowly is regarded as careless driving in some cases and can lead to a £100 fine. Minimum speed road signs can be recognised by a round blue sign with a white number.