Fingerprint Technology Coming To Cars

Mon 31st Dec 2018

The ability to drive your car by using your fingerprints is to come to motoring in early 2019 after Hyundai revealed that the Santa Fe SUV would feature the technology.

The Korean manufacturer has already previewed the new technology at a recent motor show in China, beating innovative brands such as Tesla and Volkswagen to the punch.

In what is seen as a major coup for Hyundai, the technology will allow the driver to unlock the car but also drive it by using a biometric sensor on the door handle and ignition.

The technology will also provide drivers with a personalised driving experience, with user preferences within the car set dependent on whose fingerprint is on the controls. It’s thought that seat position, entertainment preferences and door-mirror angles would all be set to the unique fingerprint.

Hyundai has also allayed fears that the car’s security might be comprimised by forged or faked fingerprints, saying that the system can detect electricity levens in various parts of the fingertip.

“In the future, Hyundai Motor plans to further expand the application of the technology to allow the adjustment of temperature, steering wheel position, and many other features which will be tailored to driver’s preferences” said Albert Biermann, President and Head of Research & Development Division of the Hyundai Motor Company. “This will ultimately offer quality driving experience to each and every Hyundai customer.”

The new biometric system is said to be five times safer than conventional car keys, including smart keys which are under attack from savvy car thieves with a spate of thefts related to the keyless technology coming in 2018.