Volkswagen Makes Major Telematics Acquisition

Wed 2nd Jan 2019

German car manufacturer Volkswagen has taken a major step into the field of telematics by purchasing Swedish company WirelessCar.

Founded in 1999, WirelessCar has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volvo since 2007 and the acquisition by Volkswagen forms a further part of the company’s strategy to increase fleet connectivity and ‘drive the development of the digital ecosystem’.

WirelessCar are described as leaders in vehicle connectivity, developing concierge and billing services such as tolls as well as safety and emergency services including remote diagnostics.

Martin Rosell, CEO of WirelessCar, said: “Volkswagen is our ideal partner for the next stage in our development. Volkswagen has the most ambitious future strategy for connectivity in the automotive industry. This aspiration is the perfect match for our vision to lead the automotive industry into the digital society. We are highly motivated and willing to play our part to make a difference.”

The Volkswagen Group have acquired a 75.1 per cent stake in WirelessCar. The company is developing a cloud-based platform in collaboration with Microsoft, and it is expected that WirelessCar technology will assist with safe and stable data exchange between the vehicle’s operating system and the cloud-based platform.

“Our aim is to develop the Volkswagen into a mobility provider with a fully-connected fleet”, Christoph Hartung, Head of Digital & New Business / Mobility Services at the Volkswagen brand, said. “Our customers will be able to use digital value-added services in their cars or on their mobile devices at all times. We are switching up a gear with this development and have gained WirelessCar as the third major partner. We are now really stepping on the gas and focusing on integrating the technologies.”