BMW Creates Car Made From Meteors

Thu 3rd Jan 2019

German manufacturer BMW has created a unique one-off design with an interior packed full of meteorites.

The special edition ‘Night Sky’ M850i has been produced to coincide with exceptionally intense meteor shower expected to take place overnight from 3 – 4 January 2019. The show of shooting stars will begin when the Earth briefly passes through the orbit of the asteroid 2003 EH, during which time fragments from the asteroid will enter our planet’s atmosphere and burn up. On rare occasions, smaller rocks in space penetrate our planet’s protective shield and fall to Earth as meteorites. Some of these extra-terrestrial fragments have now been incorporated into the cabin of the BMW Individual M850i.

The meteoric rock features amongst many of the metallic features within the unique car giving it an extra special ‘Night Sky’ effect.

In the company’s press release BMW said: “By employing materials that are literally out of this world, BMW Individual Manufaktur has succeeded in giving the car unique and highly original aesthetic appeal and, in the process, pushed back the boundaries once again of what can be achieved when designing a car interior. The meteoritic rock adorns the whole of the centre console’s trim plate, the start/stop button for the V8 engine, the selector lever for the eight-speed Steptronic transmission and the Touch Controller for the iDrive system, creating a visual and tactile effect unparalleled in the automotive sector. Inlays made from meteorite material have also been incorporated into the door sill finishers, together with an illuminated model badge. All of which ensures the BMW Individual M850i Night Sky embodies luxury and exclusivity at an unprecedented level.”

The M850i also features an all-new brake upgrade with special calipers that have been created using a 3D printer which makes them 30 per cent lighter than conventional parts.

Though the ‘Night Sky’ is a true one-off it is expected that those who can afford one will be able to ask BMW Individual to create a star-studded BMW of their own.