What Were The Worst Selling Cars Of 2018?

Mon 7th Jan 2019

One car brand sold less than 200 units in 2018, but as the latest figures show, a lack of sales does not always mean that a car is bottom of our list when it comes to buying.

In fact, if we had the choice, many car buyers might actually have the lowest selling car at the top of their list if they could purchase their dream motor, the Alpine brand may have sold just 142 cars in the past 12 months, but that is no reflection on how in demand they are. The Alpine A110 was loved by the media and critics alike and though rare on the UK roads, is certainly one for the future and will be craved on the used car market.

One brand that possibly can’t afford to see too much of a slump is Lotus, which saw a disappointing 11.5 per cent slump in 2018. The luxury car brand, founded by Colin Chapman, is owned by China’s Geely car group, but will be hoping for a reversal of fortunes if it is to continue into its eighth decade of production.

Third bottom of the list was supercar manufacturer, McLaren, but far from complaining, the British car brand was celebrating after seeing sales up 10.4 per cent, a rare success story in 2018, with 626 registrations.

One of the biggest drops in sales for any brand in 2018 was the Infiniti, which fell off the edge of the proverbial cliff with a staggering slump of 78.7 per cent. Nissan’s premium brand has plenty of thinking to do if it is to recover, especially as they have gone from a respectable 3,515 in 2017, to just 750 in 2018.

Another big slump was at Maserati, whose premium SUV Levante didn’t prove to be too popular with buyers. Expensive Italian brands have to get things absolutely spot on if they are to compete in a crowded market and with just 1,297 sales in 2018 it’s back to the drawing board for the men from Maserati.


Least Car Sales In 2018

  1. Alpine - 142 registrations

  2. Lotus - 247 registrations

  3. McLaren - 626 registrations

  4. Infiniti - 750 registrations

  5. Maserati - 1,297 registrations

  6. Aston Martin - 1,455 registrations

  7. Bentley - 1,542 registrations

  8. SsangYong - 2,754 registrations

  9. Subaru - 3,141 registrations

  10. Alfa Romeo - 4,161 registrations