Is Your SatNav In The Right Location?

Wed 9th Jan 2019

A leading road safety organisation has warned of the dangers of installing a satellite navigation system in the wrong place on your windscreen.

GEM Motoring Assist says a badly placed SatNav could have potentially fatal consequences as it can limit the field of vision for a driver. A bad SatNav can also increase the chances of sustaining a head injury when involved in a crash.

Neil Worth, GEM road safety officer, said: "A typical large screen sat nav device measuring nearly seven inches (17cm) wide by four inches (10.48cm) high has the potential to restrict a driver’s field of view, especially if it’s mounted in the centre of the windscreen below a large rear view mirror.

"A small screen device may seem to be only a minor obstruction from inside the car.

"However, it has the potential to hide a much larger area outside the car, depending on where you sit and the distance you are from it.

"Placing a sat nav right in the centre of the windscreen will block most of your nearside view, and will mean you miss all the hazards that might be there."

Though the Highway Code and Road Traffic Act are quite ambiguous in terms of the actual requirements for SatNav location, an overzealous traffic cop could hit you with a fine of up to £1,000 if they can prove your view has been obstructed.

With that in mind it might be good to consider GEM Motoring Assist’s tips…

  • Position your device in the bottom right corner of your windscreen, where any obstruction to your field of view will be minimal

  • Make sure you choose the right seat height and position to suit your individual shape and size before positioning your sat nav

  • Avoid fitting the sat nav to a location that could cause injury to a driver or passenger in a crash, including potential head strike zones on the windscreen

  • Never fit the satnav high up on the windscreen, as this could severely restrict vision and could interfere with the rear view mirror and sun visors

  • You must be in proper control of your vehicle at all times, so make sure you programme your sat nav before setting off

  • If you find you need to make changes to your route, find somewhere safe to pull over and stop