£75m Investment In Charging Infrastructure

Wed 22nd Sep 2021

The UK’s growing network of electric vehicle chargers have received a timely boost with the news that a British company plans to extend the number of chargers by 1500.

Osprey Charging is to spend £75million to install the the units at key strategic locations around the UK, including on major motorway networks such as the M6, M40 and M8. The company say that each charger will deliver a charge at a rate of 150-175kW, capable of adding 100 miles of range for just a 10 minute charge.

“The EV market is booming, with sales up over 117% year on year and EV adoption continuing to grow exponentially, said Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging.
“In less than nine years’ time, buying a new petrol or diesel car will be impossible, so it’s crucial that public charging infrastructure stays ahead of the curve. Our roll-out of hubs across the country’s major transport routes will ensure drivers are supported with convenient, reliable, on-the-go charging, delivering the best possible consumer experience for UK motorists.”

It is expected that the hubs will be located near to to food and drink units at service stations on most major roads, the Osprey chargers are 74 per cent smaller than other charging units and have a better load-balancing ensuring more fast chargers can be installed at each site.

“The widespread transition to EVs means we need to rethink how we make, move and use energy,” said Graeme Cooper, the National Grid’s head of future markets. “The power demand for charging will be significant, so it’s crucial that we use the cleanest and cheapest power in our cars and make the most of each grid connection.

“By optimising power management at charging facilities, we can ensure a smooth transition away from petrol and diesel whilst maintaining a stable and effective electricity grid.”