Assisted Driving Tech Gets Thumbs-Up From Safety Group


The next 12 months could see a revolution in automated driving technology in the UK as the government allows legislation on some systems to be employed in new cars.

More Than Half Of British Drivers Confess To Carpool Karaoke


The highly entertaining option of crooning in your car may seem like a quirky segment on James Corden’s American TV show, but the reality remains that it is us Brits who just love singing in the car.

Why Avoiding A Scrape Could Cost You £40


The ice-scrapers which have been hidden in the glovebox were out in force this weekend as the UK’s temperatures took a sharp drop. But as we all look for quicker and easier ways to defrost our cars, motorists are being warned that one trick may cost you £40.

New Targets For Tech Savvy Car Thieves


British motorists are being warned to be extra vigilant after it was revealed that car thieves across the nation are employing ever more sophisticated methods to steal our cars.

Could Covid Catch You A Driving Ban?


The Covid pandemic may have caused major disruption to the global motor industry in the past two years, but now it has drivers in its sights if newspaper reports are to be believed this week.

RIP Handbrake Turns


Manual handbrakes on cars are fast being phased out according to a new report, with very few manufacturers putting a traditional manual handbrake in their new models.

Can You Park On Faded Or Broken Double Yellows?


It might be a long-held belief that drivers are legally allowed to park on faded or poorly maintained double-yellow lines, but one motorists may have found out the truth to his expensive cost.

Drivers Warned Sandwich Bag Hack Could Smash Car


Motorists across the UK are being warned that a viral hack which supposedly solves the problem of an icy windscreen in the morning could actually cause significant damage to your car.

DVLA Warns Of New Wave Of Scams


British motorists are being asked to be extra-vigilant following a new wave of phishing scams aimed at stealing personal data to commit fraud.

Pothole Lottery As Claims Ignored


The Beatles may have found 4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire, but that is a drop in the pothole ocean compared to the huge total of 1.7 million potholes which were repaired in 2020.