Are JLR and BMW Set For Closer Partnership?

Wed 28th Aug 2019

A leading expert on Jaguar Land Rover believes that the British based company could be forging closer links with their German counterparts, BMW.
The two companies announced a strategic alliance to work together on electric drive units for new electric vehicles in June and now Dr Charles Tennant, a former chief engineer at Land Rover has told the Coventry Telegraph that he believes a closer partnership is on the cards.

Tennant has previously predicted that JLR could be prime for a sale, with difficulties in the Chinese market, the demise of diesel and the implications of Brexit making life hard for the British brand.

Tennant said: “When Jaguar Land Rover announced a technical collaboration with BMW to develop electric vehicles, I said that it would need to be more than just the sum of component technologies around electronic drive units.

“Platform sharing is not a new engineering phenomenon in the automotive industry, but is now being utilised to a higher degree than ever before, in order to share the investment burden and reduce time to market for new vehicles.

“Manufacturers like JLR are faced with the electric vehicle conundrum, where they must decide whether to develop unique EV platforms or produce gasoline, hybrid, and EV powered cars from a shared modular platform.

“So, now that JLR are on the electrified future path and seem to have a great opportunity with this BMW collaboration let us hope they can be winners again.

“The savings will be in the billions of pounds and will come at an opportune time for JLR, with plunging sales and profits starving the company of much needed investment in autonomous, connected, electric, shared technology for future vehicles.”

Dr Charles Tennant has previously served on the board at Tata Technologies, the group which has overall ownership of JLR and has long been a leading voice on the future of the company.