Avoid The Rush - Book Your MOT Now

Mon 28th Sep 2020

The global pandemic and Brexit uncertainty could be a major factor in millions of drivers missing their MOT deadline according to a new report.

Garages across the UK are currently experiencing a surge in demand as thousands of car owners rush to book their car in for an MOT following the end of the six-month extension which the government introduced due to lockdown.

According to Fixter, there is a 75 per cent increase in demand and 45 per cent of garages have had to make customers wait longer than usual to book their cars in.

DVSA figures tell us that 9.58 million vehicles were granted an extension to the MOT deadline and almost 60 per cent of those cars have yet to take an MOT test. In a normal year garages would expect to put 6.5 million cars through their MOT during the last three months of the calendar year - but with a backlog of cars awaiting a test that figure could grow to 10.4 million.

On top of a longer wait, drivers are warned that many garages are experiencing problems sourcing parts, an issue which will likely increase if Britain goes for a hard Brexit.

“The backlog of vehicles for MOTs is having significant implications on garages, which comes as a result of the six-month Government Coronavirus extension,” said Fixter CEO Limvirak Chea. “Following our study, we believe the current backlog is just the start, and that significant waiting lists are yet to come from October onwards. As a result, UK consumers are facing a race against the clock to get their MOTs booked-in now, to avoid significant waiting lists, resulting in them potentially unable to use their vehicle.”