Blue Badge Fraud Is On The Rise Again

Wed 4th Dec 2019

Local authorities across the UK have reported that Blue Badge offences have risen by 18 per cent, but the figure could be even higher as a third of councils in England have no powers to punish misuse.
Statistics released by the Government show that though there were 59,000 fewer Blue Badge holders compared to 2018, there were 1,432 prosecutions for using them illegally, a rise of 18 per cent.

However, the Department for Transport has said that if more councils had the power to prosecute, the figure for Blue Badge crime would be even higher. Of the 101 councils in England, only 66 per cent have rules regarding permit abuse. Though 65 per cent of those without a policy have said they are working on implementing one, that still leaves huge swathes of the country where the rules are being flouted with impunity.

Edmund King, AA President, said: “The one fifth increase in fraudulent Blue Badge prosecutions from last year shows that more areas are finally starting to tackle the issue.

“However, it's shocking that only two thirds of councils have a policy to prosecute those who abuse the system by using another person's badge.

“Councils without a policy must get their act together for the sake of the millions of Blue Badge holders who genuinely need them. Drivers must also show some more humanity and stop abusing the system.”