BMW Teases New Look Steering Wheel

Mon 22nd Jul 2019

The future of motoring from German manufacturer BMW will take different shapes if the company’s new iNEXT is going to be the template.

The all-electric SUV is due for launch in 2021 and will come with a range of high-tech functionality, including the promise of Level 3 self-driving autonomy. Though the prospect of driverless cars still seems a distant prospect, the designers of cars are already looking into the problems of autonomy.

One of those problems seems to have been answered by the polygonal steering wheel, a new shape to the traditional circular steering wheel, which will help drivers know which way the wheels are pointing if and when they need to retake control of the steering wheel.

The new-look steering wheel looks to have been heavily inspired by F1 cars, with a flat section at the top and curved grip at the sides. The side sections will include optical fibres which will offer the driver a range of options by using coloured signals. 

“With its striking, contemporary geometry, the steering wheel in the BMW iNEXT symbolises the start of the age of highly automated driving,” said the official BMW press release. 

“Its rim is flattened in both the lower and upper sections, while the rounded corners at the sides provide a comfortable hand rest. The advantages of this geometry come into play in particular when switching from highly automated to active driving. As compared to a circular shape, this makes it much easier to recognise the steering angle based on the position of the steering wheel.”
BMW have been revealing different elements of the iNEXT, last month the company showcased a huge curved display, which sits in the centre console.