BMW To Cap EV Range At 375 Miles

Tue 28th Sep 2021

German luxury brand BMW have announced that they won’t be seeking to further advance their battery technology beyond 375 miles, explaining that the advantages of stopping your vehicle every 300 miles are higher than carrying a huge battery.

Many motoring manufacturers appear keen to sell the dream of endless range on their new electric vehicles, hoping to allay the fears of any prospective buyers who might have range anxiety. But while Chinese firms claim that they can achieve 600 miles of range, BMW execs are sticking to their guns, and have even decided to limit their PHEVs to just 60 miles or range.

Speaking to WhichCar? Magazine, BMW’s electromobility spokesman Wieland Buch said that the company would not be drawn into an arms race over range.

One thousand kilometres of range is not a target we have with our fully-electric cars,” he said.

“We are aiming for 600 kilometres [of driving range] for our fully-electric cars, and 100 kilometres with our plug-in hybrids in everyday driving.

“We not only have the advancements in battery technology, we also have the public charging network – which is growing rapidly. Going cross-country in Europe from Norway to Italy is already a joyful experience when you do it in an electric car.”

Bruch also confirmed that there would be different battery solutions for different markets, with urban cars highly unlikely to require even the 60 miles of range due to their environment and access to chargers.

“The maximum range of the car is dependent on the segment of the vehicle where it is being offered,” Bruch explained.

“For example, we don’t think a range of 600 kilometres will be suitable for a BMW i3 as an urban car, but when it comes to the BMW iX or i4, we think that around 600 kilometres is a very customer-friendly solution.”