Breathalyser Car Tech Mandatory From 2022

Wed 20th Nov 2019

A major new law is set to be introduced which will see all new cars produced from 2022 have technology fitted which will stop drink drivers from starting their engines.

The European Commission gave final approval to the safety feature in all new cars earlier this month, which means that it will now pass into law and as the UK Government has previously agreed to abide by European road safety rules post-Brexit then the law will also come into place on these shores.

The new breathalyser technology will only require the wiring to be installed into cars, with those convicted of drink-driving offences then having to have the ‘alcolock’ installed as part of their rehabilitation.

"Although all new cars from 2022 will be enabled to have an alcolock it will be up to the UK government to decide how they are used,” said IAM RoadSmart’s director of policy and research, Neil Greig. “We see them as a useful tool for repeat drink drive offenders to get them back to safe driving after a ban. It is very unlikely that the vast majority of the law abiding public will ever have to blow in a tube to start their car.”

The breathalyser systems have already proven to be a success in Australia and the United States and has the approval of a government advisory committee. Hunter Abbott, member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety and managing director of AlcoSense Laboratories commented, “New cars manufactured after 2022 will have a ‘breathalyser interface’ fitted, which is essentially a universal port to enable the ‘plug and play’ installation of a breathalyser that can stop the vehicle from starting, if required.”

“This will make it easier for fleet operators to implement the safety technology and, potentially in future, for the mandatory installation of an in-car breathalyser for convicted drink drivers,” added Abbott.