British Roads Are Second Best - Only Sweden Is Safer

Mon 13th Jul 2020

A new report on road safety has highlighted Britain’s as being amongst the safest in Europe per capita, with only Sweden having a better record.

The data, which has been published by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association shows that there are only 28 deaths per million on British roads, with Sweden’s record slightly better at 25 per million.

Britain’s safety record ranks far better than some areas of Europe, with Eastern regions fairing particularly badly, Romania the worst with 99 deaths per million. The average across all of Europe is 49 deaths, which means that on many areas of the continent you are twice as likely to suffer a fatality.

Road safety across all of Europe has improved significantly over the last two decades, it is now the safest driving continent across the world, in 2001 there were 54,900 fatalities on European roads, a figure which had more than halved to 25,300 by 2017.

Despite the improvements, EU Commissioners have pushed through several elements of legislation which will make driving even safer, these include Intelligent Speed Assistance systems on cars, which will be mandatory from 2022. Other technologies to be introduced are driver drowsiness and distraction alerts and in-built breathalysers.

“Every year, 25,000 people lose their lives on our roads. The vast majority of these accidents are caused by human error,” said EU Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska

“We can and must act to change this. With the new advanced safety features that will become mandatory, we can have the same kind of impact as when the safety belts were first introduced.”

Who has the safest roads in Europe? Road deaths per million inhabitants

1. Sweden: 25

2. UK: 28

3. Denmark: 30

4. Netherlands: 31

5. Ireland: 33

6. Estonia: 36

=7. Germany: 39 

=7. Spain: 39

9. Malta: 41

10. Luxembourg: 42

11. Finland: 43 

12. Austria: 47 

13. Slovenia: 50 

=14. France: 51 

=14. Slovakia: 51 

16. Belgium: 54

17. Czech Republic: 55 

18. Italy: 56 

19. Portugal: 58 

20. Cyprus: 62 

21. Hungary: 64 

22. Lithuania: 67 

23. Greece: 68 

24. Latvia: 70

25. Poland: 75

26. Croatia: 80

27. Bulgaria: 96

28. Romania: 99

Source: ACEA