Britons To Make Car Invasion Of Europe

Mon 3rd Aug 2020

A new poll is suggesting that holidaymakers from the UK are determined to get abroad in a late summer dash, with five million prepared to cross the channel via ferry or channel tunnel.

The survey by RAC Europe of more than 2,000 motorists found that despite COVID-19 restrictions there was still a demand for travelling abroad, but that the car was the favoured method of transport over the traditional flights.

More than a third of those crossing the English channel in car will be doing so for the first time, with France likely to be the most popular destination. According to government data there were 12.6million visits to Europe by car last year, and while that figure is unlikely to be matched in 2020 due to lockdown, the RAC is predicting that up to 40 per cent of that 12 million figure could still get abroad.

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “In many ways, opting to take the car [on holiday] makes a lot of sense – those that do so have a safe space of their own when travelling, with zero or minimal contact needed with other people when crossing borders, while those staying in a caravan or tent also have the reassurance that they have a holiday base which is as safe an environment as possible,' he explained.

“Anyone driving also enjoys the flexibility that comes from having their own form of transport for getting about – and is ideal for seeking out places far from the crowds.

“With so many people expected to be taking staycations this summer due to a combination of a greatly reduced flights schedule, together with a reticence to fly in busy cabins in close proximity to others, this year is clearly being seen as the ideal time to explore Europe by car.

“The only thing drivers will need to bear in mind is the more limited availability of ferry and Eurotunnel tickets.”