Brits Know Their Stuff When It Comes To Buying Cars

Wed 13th Mar 2019

British car buyers are more than sensible when purchasing their new cars according to a new survey which has revealed the buying habits of the UK population.

More than 2,000 drivers were interviewed by Opinium on their key reasons and habits when looking for their next car, and despite cars sometimes being seen as an impulsive purchase, it is reassuring to know that 78% of buyers do careful research before buying a new or second-hand car.

Car manufacturers may spend billions of marketing dollars on trying to persuade us to buy the sexiest car possible, but the truth of the survey shows that a car’s practicality still outweighs how a car looks with 71% saying that finding a car that is cost effective and easy to fix is a better car than one that will have kerb appeal. who commissioned the research found a few surprises, revealing that whilst in the main car buyers remain sensible, there are still sections of UK society which might be swayed by a car’s looks, with the North East of England (32%) the region most likely to blow their car budget for a ‘good-looking’ car and younger age groups (41% of under 34s) also interested in cars that favour the looks.

Ben Wooltorton, Chief Operating Office of said: “Buying a car is a massive investment and it pays to do some serious research by reading the trade press, looking at plenty of reviews, and researching costs beyond the simple purchase price, such as the cost of servicing and parts, as well as the potential future trade-in value of the car you’re considering. After all, not all cars depreciate at the same rate or cost the same amount to fix and it’s important to factor this into the overall cost of ownership.

“Be brutally honest with yourself too: the two-door convertible sports car may not be the best thing for a family of four with a dog, however tempting it may be. We can all relate to the fact that perhaps the car that meets our practical needs is not necessarily the car of our dreams.”