Budget Car Brand Promises Most Affordable EV In Europe

Thu 15th Oct 2020

As the cost of purchasing remains one of the number one barriers to buying an electric vehicle, one of the market’s most economical brands is promising an electric revolution.

At this week’s Groupe Renault eWays event, the French company is showcasing the future of electric mobility and is premiering some of its future electric vehicles.

While all eyes were on the reinvention of Renault’s Megane, it is actually the company’s sub-brand, Dacia, which could have the biggest impact on the EV market.

Dacia’s affordable options such as the Duster, Sandero and Logan have changed the face of economical models in Europe, it has so far remained out of the EV game. But this week it announced that would change with the launch of the Spring Electric. Promising disruptive SUV design, the Spring Electric claims to be a versatile and practical city car, but its most important boast is that it will be the lowest-priced electric city car on the European market.

Confusingly Renault make a big deal of pointing out that the Spring Electric won’t be on sale in the UK, though that decision may be more to do with Brexit tariffs than anything else.

Denis Le Vot, member of Groupe Renault Executive Committee, said: “The Dacia brand is about redefining the essential. We are known in the car industry for our different revolutions, first with the Logan and then with the Duster which made the SUV accessible for all. Today, this is Dacia’s third revolution and its name is Dacia Spring. The Dacia Spring will make inroads into three distinct markets: retail market, car-sharing with numerous car-sharer operators throughout Europe and on the last-mile delivery with its cargo version. Cool and trendy, the Dacia Spring will change the game as an affordable electric mobility solution for all.”