Can Aston Martin Become ‘Greatest Luxury Car Brand’?

Wed 4th Nov 2020

After the recent partnership deal with Mercedes Benz, UK classic car manufacturer, Aston Martin is aiming to become one of the greatest luxury car brands in the world according to the company’s chief executive.

Mercedes acquired a 20 per cent stake in Aston Martin last week, a partnership which will see the two firms share technology and give the English company access to the German manufacturer’s engine and powertrains.

Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers, a man who used to head up Mercedes’ AMG high-performance division, is well placed to understand what is needed to take the British company to higher plains. The company came under increasing scrutiny recently as it was revealed they only sold 5,862 vehicles in 2019, a number which is likely to be a lot less during the 2020 pandemic.

But Moers is aiming high and hopes to have Aston Martin selling 10,000 cars a year by 2025.

“Aston Martin now has everything in place to become one of the greatest luxury car brands in the world,” Moers said.

“The transformation of Aston Martin has begun. Since joining Aston Martin this summer, it has been my ambition to build on the vibrant history of this unique brand and deliver the next generation of exhilarating products as we enter this new transformational era in Aston Martin’s history.

“We have made significant progress already and last week, we announced that we have strengthened our long-term relationship with Mercedes-Benz AG, providing us with access to advanced technologies that will enable us to continue designing, engineering and manufacturing the most beautiful cutting-edge cars across the world.”