Can You Afford Clean Air Zones?

Mon 8th Feb 2021

A new report from one of the biggest motoring organisations in the UK has warned that more than half a million drivers could be priced off the road due to excessive clean air zone charges.

With London drivers facing a daily charge of £12.50 and Birmingham set to introduce similar charges later this year, the AA has said that those who need their vehicles for essential journeys could be ‘priced off the road’.

The AA’s research has found that there could be 163,700 non-compliant vehicles within the inner-London population, and a further 91,200 in the outer London boroughs, while Birmingham could have in the region of 150,000 vehicles forced to pay the £8 charge to access inner city areas.

'Millions of drivers in London will find themselves on the wrong side of the road when the Ulez scheme is expanded,” said AA president, Edmund King.

“There is a very real risk that many people who rely on their car for essential journeys will be priced off the road.
“With the whole country back in lockdown, this is likely to have an even bigger impact than previously thought as more people will be trying to avoid public transport by using private cars.”

The news comes after figures were published last week which revealed that Transport for London made more money from fining drivers under the ULEZ scheme than they did from those who paid the £12.50 charges. Drivers paid £130m in fines for driving into central London areas without paying the charge.